Heighten Your Awareness - Learn to Draw

2016,  June 14th - Aug 2nd,  Tuesday Evenings,  6:00 - 9:00 pm,  Josephy Center,  Adults

Contact the Josephy Center for Arts and Culture for class registration, $95 for 8 week class

Join the discussion while learning to draw.  Decode and speak the language of Art, heighten your powers of observation and creativity, and learn to be a credible critic.  Basic Drawing is the essential gateway and the foundation of all visual arts.

The beginning-drawing course includes use of materials, contour drawing, negative spaces, values and shading, textures, sighting, linear and aerial perspective, landscapes, portraiture, abstracts, and composition and vocabulary.

Minimum materials for the workshop are a spiral bound sketchpad, three drawing pencils (6B, 2B, H), and a kneaded rubber eraser. 

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Beginning Drawing in Ten Days

Beginning Drawing in Ten Days

This is a speed workshop in learning to see and draw. The class will be conducted from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m., dates to be determined for 2016.  Yes, every night for ten days.....clear your schedule and get ready!

This class has been designed to cover most of the fundamental aspects of drawing in an orderly and cumulative fashion.  In short, all of us can learn to draw by learning to see, by learning to overcome preconceived, left-brained symbols of the things around us, and by learning to gain entrance to our right brain through experience, guidance, and practice.

Each class begins with a short and positive critique of student drawings and a thirty minute explanation of the next concept to be learned.  The rest of the class time is structured to facilitate learning that concept. 

Our classroom is located at the studio/home of the instructor, 300 E 2nd Street, Joseph, Oregon.

The course includes such subjects as materials, warm-up skills, contour drawing, negative spaces, values and shading, textures, sighting, linear and aerial perspective, landscapes, portraiture, abstracts and composition, and figure drawing.

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From Intent to Form

Learn hands on to plan 3-D ideas, examine the visual language of line, contrast, texture and composition, build artist and foundry friendly armatures, and techniques for working with oil based clay to achieve desired results.  Spend time at a local foundry observing mold making, pouring bronze, and the application of patinas. Those who complete a clay model during the workshop are encouraged to have their pieces cast in bronze locally. Participants will have the opportunity to draw on the instructor's twenty five years of experience as a professional sculptor and teacher.

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Instructor's Bio

Shelley S. Curtiss has worked as a professional sculptor and teacher, dba Curtiss Studios & Enterprises, for twenty five years in addition to designing and directing a local gallery, coordinating, judging and jurying art shows, and building and operating a local foundry. Shelley has bronze sculptures permanently installed in public parks, including five New York City parks, and in private and corporate collections across the nation. She is experienced as an artist working with galleries, foundries, private contractors, advertising, and commissioned work. Shelley now works closely with TW Bronze in Enterprise, Oregon, considered among the best in the country. Owner Tim Parks is happy to open their doors to new sculptors.


Sculpture Workshops

$1200 includes 11 days of instruction, work space, clay and armature materials for a model under 15 inches, and local foundry tour with concentrated time observing mold-making, pouring molten bronze, and patination.

A photo of recommended sculpting tools to bring will be provided.

Tentative dates are:  TBD


Drawing Workshops

Beginning Drawing in Ten Days, is not yet scheduled.  Please contact Shelley for further information on future classes.