Oregon Art Beat Video

Oregon Art Beat is a popular series produced by Oregon Public Broadcasting which showcases noteworthy artists around the state from all diciplines of art. Shelley is one of three artists featured in this broadcast.

The Tao of Bronze Video

This private documentary, The Tao of Bronze, features a studio interview with bronze sculptor Shelley Smith Curtiss.  In it she answers inquiries about her inspiration for "The Mustard Seed Garden Series", her interest in the Tao and the I Ching, and her affection for the labor-intensive process of casting a bronze.

OPB The Oregon Story: Small Towns 1999

This is a cut about Joesph Oregon from the OPB broadcast: The Oregon Story which ran during the hard economic transition which resulted from the loss of timber jobs.  During that time Shelley, as Mayor of Joseph, spearheaded a project to rejuvenate Main Street and create jobs in the fine art bronze foundry business.


Fine Art Connoisseur, December 2012, "Oregon's Art: As Diverse As Its Lanscape" Encompassing well over 98,000 square miles, Oregon is one of America's largest states, and its landscape one of the country's most diverse. Joseph began attracting artists in the 1980s and is known nationally for its fine art foundries. A permanent installation of seven life-size bronze sculptures can be seen on the Joseph Art Walk along Main Street. View the PDF Here

1859 Oregon's Magazine, Autum 2009, "East Meets West in Bronze Sculptures" Sculptor Shelley Curtiss finds inspiration in the stunning landscapes of NE Oregon and a new-found passion for Taoism. View the PDF Here

Mushing, the Magazine of Dog-Powered Sports, Jan/Feb 2003, "Togo in Seward Park" When sculptor Shelley Curtiiss was contacted by the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation about creating a life-size sculpture of Togo for Seward Park, she immediately felt compelled to become involved in the project. This lead dog is an un-sung hero of Iditarod fame. View the PDF Here